About Pool Liners Toronto

    We are swimming pool professionals specializing in swimming pool vinyl liners. We work with the best pool suppliers in Canada because we understand that product and service quality is of utmost importance to you as a customer and we always do our best so you are 100% satisfied. With more than 10 years of industry experience we offer a full spectrum of liner-related services: installation, replacement, maintenance and more!

    We Repair and Replace Pool Liners

    We aim to provide top notch service at reasonable prices. Our services include everything to do with swimming pool vinyl liners: Pool Liner Replacement, Repairs, Installations, Pool measurements, Aesthetics consulting, Routing Liner Maintenance, Liner Patching and Sealing. We can also repair the concrete in your pool prior to new vinyl liner installation.

    Quality Service Every Time

    You can submit an application online requesting a quote and/or contact by one of our friendly sales agents. Just state a time you would like to be contacted and in 99% of the occasions you will be contacted within that time period. Due to the high volume of calls, we would like just a little freedom when working on quotes, but we appreciate your patience.