Swimming Pool Liner Installation

Only a few words about our Swimming Pool Vinyl Liner Installations need be mentioned: Quick, Professional, and On Budget!

Once we remove your existing Vinyl Liner, it is not uncommon areas on your pool bottom where repairs are required. If these are minor repairs? We will get them fixed!

Our installation usually takes place in two phases which take two days:

  1. Remove and install new liner and begin pool fill
  2. Finish installation and test integrity of your swimming pool vinyl liner. 


Liner Installation - The Full Procedure

  1. Measurements of Pool 
    Each and every pool has different dimensions, as such a custom measurement of each project is required. This measurement is taken by one of our professionals and is required to produce a computer version of the pool dimension such that the liner is produced without any flaws. 
  2. Drain Pool and Remove Existing Liner
    The time to drain a pool will depend on the size of the pool. Typically an average pool will be drained anywhere between 2 to 4 hours. Once the pool is drained, your existing liner will be removed and disposed of. Depending on the condition of your liner additional disposal fees may apply (if there is mold, or other such substances, whereby special disposal methods are required)
  3. Taping of Wall Seams
    Not much to mention here, this is required to eliminate soil from penetrating through the wall gaps. 
  4. Pool Cleaning and Treatment & Repair
    Typically all swimming pools will require a thorough sweep and clean, such that no debris is visible beneath the newly installed swimming pool liner. It is very common for minor repairs to be completed on your pool prior to the actual installation of the new liner. If the repairs are truly minor we will repair them at no additional charge. There are times where certain repairs are required and will cost a few additional dollars. You can read about such repairs in What to Expect in Repairs before installing your new liner. 
  5. Installation of Equipment & Liner
    Your custom liner will be installes along with new faceplates and gaskets for all through-wall fittings. This includes your main drain, Skimmers, Return, and Vacuum Line. Keep in mind that installing new pool light and built-in stair gaskets will carry an additional charge. 
  6. The Warranty 
    You will receive a 1 year workmanship warranty on the pool liner installation which will commence after your pool liner has been installed and a 25 year pro-rated manufacturers warranty on defects (seams)
  7. What is needed to start the job!
    Before we begin anywork, we will require a valid Credit Card Number. Once we have received a credit card number, we will get your liner measured and we will require a deposit for the work (usually about 30% of total price). The full payment will be due the day the liner is installed. 

Filling a pool with newly installed liner