Liner repairs: what to expect


Common Repairs Not Visible Until Existing Liner is Removed 

  1. Various forms of structural decay will not be noticable until the existing liner is removed. 
  2. Major repairs may be required to pool floor - may be due to ground shifting leading to cracks and concrete damage
  3. Steel walls of the pool may be rusted and no longer suitable for use and require major repair, reinforement and/or replacement
  4. When required existing coping may need repair and/or replacement - replacement will be required if coping is not anticipated to last the life of the liner

***PLEASE NOTE. Such pool repairs must be completed prior to the installation of the new liner. You will be provided with a quote on such repairs once your existing liner is removed and prior to the installation of the new liner. Furthermore, once the new liner is installed IT IS THE CUSTOMERS REPONSABILITY TO FILL AND MONTOR THE FILLING PROCESS WITH WATER.